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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to fostering a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in everything we do as a regulator and employer. This is a promise running through all four themes of our new corporate strategy. As a regulator, this means playing a more active role in supporting system-wide efforts to address inequalities. As an employer, it means creating and developing a fair and inclusive work environment where everyone is valued, has a voice and can be the best they can be.

We want to be accountable for change and greater inclusivity and equality of opportunity, and to achieve that we have set new targets for ourselves as an employer and regulator. For example, we have put in place interventions to support the retention and progression of staff who face inequalities.

We are a responsible regulator that supports a sustainable environment and healthy communities, making sure we make socially responsible decisions that have a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

People from different backgrounds and with different experiences provide us with insight into the needs and challenges of the doctors, patients and the public that we serve. They bring skills, not necessarily from similar roles, but from life experiences that help to shape and inform our work.

We aim for our working environment to be inclusive and caring, with wellbeing of our people being at the front and centre of way we function as an employer. We work hard to create a culture and environment where everyone is able to be themselves, as well being as encouraged to contribute their unique skills and perspectives to shape our work. Our people and internal networks play an important role in this and we help each other to better understand ways to design inclusive services and demonstrate inclusivity in the interactions with all those we serve and towards our colleagues.

We know that people have to balance work with caring and other responsibilities that come with their own unique challenges and stresses. We offer a range of flexible working options to help our people structure their working day in a way that allows them to fulfil their caring responsibilities outside of work, or manage their health and wellbeing.

The GMC has a number of staff networks who collectively support our people in a vibrant, proactive and collaborative way and provide huge support and enrichment to everyone working within the organisation. The networks represent the following staff :- LGBTQ+, BME, Parents and Carers, Women, Muslim, Mental Health, Christian, and very soon disability.

In our work we aim to deliver our ambitions with flexibility, sensitivity to the external environment and through demonstrating compassionate and inclusive leadership at all levels. We want all our colleagues to be able to build the skills they need throughout their careers, have autonomy and are empowered to speak up and learn within a reflective culture.

We place a significant focus on developing our GMC people’s skills, in particular fostering a culture of inclusive leadership, innovation and professionalism among colleagues at all levels. And crucially, we believe that providing an inclusive, supportive and caring working environment in the GMC – as in healthcare settings – is paramount. We are committed to becoming a more inclusive organisation. With this comes a deeply held commitment to create a culture where everyone feels valued and included. It’s important that everyone has a voice and feels they belong and are valued for their unique and authentic individual skills and abilities.

We are a Disability Confident employer. If you have a disability we are committed to making reasonable adjustments to support you to participate fully in the recruitment and selection process and to ensure you have the right adjustments in place at work.